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  • Organization Name;
  • Your 7-digit License Number;
  • A link to an example page or to your organization's home page;
  • A general description about your particular licensed QuestField use.

Sidebar example:

Generic QuestField Information Page

For licensed QuestField users, MasterObjects hosts a customized information page like this generic one. Your QuestFields badges link to this page, providing technical and commercial information about QuestFields. The left sidebar shows general information about the applicable QuestField license, provides a link back to your website, and may include your company logo (in a smaller size than the QuestField and MasterObjects logos on this page).

The area below is maintained by MasterObjects and will be updated occasionally to reflect the latest QuestField developments. It provides visitors with information about QuestFields, the QuestFields technology, and directly related products available from MasterObjects and its affiliates.

For fully licensed and educational use, no third-party advertising is included on this page. For use with sponsored or bartered QuestFields, this area may include third-party advertising.

MasterObjects reserves the right to make graphical and layout changes to the design of this information page.

Contents example:

About QuestFields

A QuestField is a supercharged, user-friendly data finder that can be easily added to any web page. By instantaneously opening a continuous interactive link between users and your information, a QuestField enables users to find critical information much faster and more accurately than any web browser technology currently available. User-requested information appears in a QuestField instantly, without the need to click a “submit” button, so users do not wait for the page to refresh.

Optimize information access on your website

Your website is your organization's face to the world. You want to make a great first impression. And if your website is about providing information to your visitors, you want that great impression to last so that your visitors keep coming back.

With QuestFields, MasterObjects provides you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to improve your website so that visitors can find your information faster and easier than ever before. You can install a QuestField in a day without needing any help from us. But MasterObjects offers more than just a product.

About MasterObjects, Inc.

MasterObjects is an international software company with offices in California, North Carolina, and the Netherlands. MasterObjects has developed the QuestFields technology that powers QuestFields. For product and licensing information, please call +1-800-518-6001 or follow the link below.

iPhone QuestFields

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